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I haven't been around this comm for a while, but I remember getting a lot of writing done with some of you in several writing sessions on IRC, as well as having a lot of fun joking around talking about fanfic and fandom. :)

Since I've signed up for NaNoWriMo again this year, I was wondering if anyone else would be interested in starting up some writing sessions again? (Probably on IRC at irc.slashnet.org, #writethisfanfic)

I'm a Brit on UTC/GMT0, but I also keep strange hours, so I'm open to all kinds of time-slots. I'm sure we can make something work. Interested?
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I decided to try out the new chatroom at -- www.slashnet.org/webclient/writethisfanfic -- and I'm lurking in there at the moment.

Does anybody want to join me for a chat about writing, brainstorming, or wordsprints?

I've decided to leave the tab open while I'm noodling about doing other things, so I'll be around for some time, if you want to pop in now or later and get a bit of writing done. ::g::

Just open a new tab with " www.slashnet.org/webclient/writethisfanfic " in the address bar, pick a screen-name, and join me anytime; I'll probably be around from now until midnight BST/GMT+1

IRC update

Jun. 18th, 2013 06:08 pm
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As far as I can see (which is from using the webclient), using slashnet.org is pretty much the same as using irc.sff.net. We'll stick to the same #writethisfanfic chatroom. Use the server irc.slashnet.org and you'll find the chatroom. Or www.slashnet.org/webclient if you prefer to stay in-browser.

As using irc.slashnet.org as the server assigns a random server on the site, I won't be sure if that will make a difference to those using a different program to access the chat until we actually try and have a group chat.  I am currently logged on and in the chatroom if anyone would like to try to access it using whatever they normally use. (I might not be around to chat, but I will be logged in and check in periodcially, so even if you leave a random comment for me to see, that would be great.) It doesn't make a difference, you'll be able to get into the channel regardless of the server.


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