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Firstly: [community profile] fic_promptly, a DW comm similar to the comment_fic on on LJ, has recently started! Given that a few people have said commentfic helped them dive into writing fic, I thought it was worth a mention.


Last month [personal profile] factorielle posted about a survey dealing with comments & fanfic; both the original survey & the discussion in her journal I thought had some interesting things to say.

Reasons why people don't comment on a story? Lots of people gave "Nothing positive to say" or "Difficulty expressing myself" as a reason. Nearly 40% of the respondents comment on less than 1 in 5 of the fics they read.

Writers, on the other hand: over half of them said they are motivated by comments (25% are extremely motivated).

Hm. Bit of a mismatch there, possibly?

I know I'm not unusual in saying that I LOVE comments. One of my friends says she doesn't mind not getting any because with the hit counter on AO3, she knows people are reading it anyway, but me, I just think that could be people starting the story & clicking away.

I don't think getting few or no comments makes me think that something I wrote is bad, per se--more like it just hasn't reached the right audience yet (though I'm not suggesting I'm a flawless writer...). Maybe that is just my arrogance speaking! But in general, I feel very much, lately, like I'm going to write what I write even if no one reads it, but on the other hand, a story is written for an audience & sometimes it is frustrating to feel like I've missed having one for whatever reason.

As far as leaving comments: sometimes I can't elucidate exactly why I like a fic, & leaving "OMG I LOVED IT!!!!1" comments feels fake or like cheating, somehow, after a while (despite the fact that I appreciate getting those kinds of comments). Maybe I feel like not being able to leave eloquent comments reflects badly on me as a reader & a writer, both? I dunno. I will happily leave comments both for old stories & stories that have already gotten a lot of comments--some of the discussion around that survey surprised me, as it never occurred to me not to do either.

So. Comments! How do you feel about them: leaving them, & getting them? Are you bummed out if you don't get a lot? Do you not care? If you've been writing fic for a while, has the importance of comments changed from when you first started? Has the number of comments you leave changed as a result of the number of comments you get & how you feel about that? Do you think comments are more weighty when you're a new fic writer? If you left comments before you started writing fic, have the types of comments you leave (& the frequency of comments left) changed since you started writing yourself?


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