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I don't know if any of you may have seen this today on Tumblr, but author Diane Duane is a Sherlock fan and apparently a pretty avid reader of fanfic. She made a post called Johnlock fanfic: On Balloon Words, Idiom!cest, and the Building of Better Smut. Although she's writing specifically about Sherlock fic, I think a lot of what she has to say could apply to any fanfic, or really, any writing.

Heh, here she tackles one of my fanfic pet peeves:
When you’re in one character’s point of view in the middle of a descriptive scene, you can make a pretty strong case that the descriptors used for other characters the POV character is interacting with should be the POV character’s descriptors, not those you might associate with omniscient-narrator mode or some similar “uninflected” third-person writing voice.

This being the case: it would make me intensely happy (should anyone be interested in doing that) if people would please lose the continual use of epithets when writing from one primary character’s POV, especially in intimate circumstances. “The doctor.” “The Army doctor.” “The consulting detective.” And the ones that particularly get up my nose: “The taller man” / “the shorter man” / “the older man” / “the younger man” / etc. etc. ad nauseam.
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It's exciting to see this community growing! Hello to all the new folks--I look forward to seeing what new thoughts & conversations & connections come up in posts here.

Recently I've read a couple of Julia Cameron books. She makes me wince a lot, though 750 Words, based on her idea of morning pages, is still the main reason I started writing fic.

Despite my frustration with her, one of the things I've found useful is the way she talks about creative dry spells. Read more... )

Things I am doing right now to try to move through this phase:

  • Doing 750 Words, whether just as a brain dump of what's happened in my world that day or as a way to keep writing (painful, painful) fic
  • Reading fic to keep me excited (EDIT: And trying to comment too, heh.)
  • Re/consuming source material for the same reason (it's also good to refamilarize myself w/canon!)
  • Writing posts here because I'm really happy to have a place where we can hopefully have these sorts of conversations!

What creative season are you in right now? If you're in or approaching creative drought, what kinds of things might be helping you out of it? (&... does anyone want to commiserate with me? *whimper*)


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