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I pretty much always write fic using standard third-person limited POV. The fic I'm working on now seems to want to be third-person limited but w/multiple narrators. I feel very nervous about doing this for some reason!

Does anyone have any recs for fics that do this well? Bonus if they aren't super longfic--mine almost certainly won't be & for some reason switching between narrators in a shorter fic feels like it might be easier to do badly than if you've got actual chapters & such. Thanks to anyone who's able to indulge my worries w/some suggestions.

A couple of general articles on POV in case anyone is interested:

  • Point Of View (Fanfic 101)
  • Point Of View (TV Tropes, 'ware...)
  • Switching POV (also TV Tropes) has some fic examples listed but they all seem to be either bad (according to the person who wrote the page) or long, so not necessarily useful for reassuring me!

And just a reminder that there are some writing sessions planned for this weekend. So far we've got:

If you'd like to commit to writing for a couple of hours this weekend, please consider coming along if you can! There's more info on how sessions work & technical details here.

Anyone is welcome to start a session whenever, of course! If you do commit to running a session please do post a reminder shortly beforehand too.


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