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I don't know if any of you may have seen this today on Tumblr, but author Diane Duane is a Sherlock fan and apparently a pretty avid reader of fanfic. She made a post called Johnlock fanfic: On Balloon Words, Idiom!cest, and the Building of Better Smut. Although she's writing specifically about Sherlock fic, I think a lot of what she has to say could apply to any fanfic, or really, any writing.

Heh, here she tackles one of my fanfic pet peeves:
When you’re in one character’s point of view in the middle of a descriptive scene, you can make a pretty strong case that the descriptors used for other characters the POV character is interacting with should be the POV character’s descriptors, not those you might associate with omniscient-narrator mode or some similar “uninflected” third-person writing voice.

This being the case: it would make me intensely happy (should anyone be interested in doing that) if people would please lose the continual use of epithets when writing from one primary character’s POV, especially in intimate circumstances. “The doctor.” “The Army doctor.” “The consulting detective.” And the ones that particularly get up my nose: “The taller man” / “the shorter man” / “the older man” / “the younger man” / etc. etc. ad nauseam.
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It's been a while since I added anything into our resources post (linked off the comm's sticky post). Getting a link suggestion today made me think there were surely other things that ought to be on there!

If you've got a useful writing website or other resource that's not already on the post, please comment (on the resources post itself is probably best) & let me know so I can add it in. Thanks!
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I started off using Google Docs for my fic for portability reasons, but I decided I didn't want to have quite everything in my online life linked to Google, just in case of hacking, etc. So I've been using Zoho Writer for months. It's very similar to Google Docs but a bit more basic. I've also found that it's occasionally buggy--formatting does odd things, or you have to paste something in twice before it actually pastes, etc.

However, twice now it's randomly erased the entire text of a document instead of the one word I'd intended. Fixable, because with the document versions (what they have instead of track changes) I was able to revert to the previous version. But still, disturbing!

I also wish you could mass export files--I think you have to do them individually, as far as I can tell.

Keeping all that in mind, does anyone have any recommendations for other web-based word processors I could try? Or does everyone use stuff like Dropbox? If you love the system you have set up, I am open to persuasion! Alternatively, of course, if there's something you'd suggest I avoid, please share.

Thanks for any thoughts.
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Want to write with a group this weekend? Want to feel that you're not the only one staring at a computer screen, toiling away? Want to have someone to complain to, or whine to, or celebrate with? Then come join us at the LJ community [ profile] fic_rush!

There's a fic_rush round (writing session) once a month, and this month's round is THIS WEEKEND, from midnight GMT tonight through midnight GMT Sunday. At the top of every hour, there will be a new post at fic_rush's writing round comm, [ profile] fic_rush_48. People then reply to the hourly post and to each other and talk about how the writing is going, or say anything else that's on their minds (especially if it happens to involve penguins).

It's a very informal, casual and fun place. Start whenever you like -- just introduce yourself and say what you're working on -- then stay for as long as you want. Members come from all over the world, so no matter what time you drop in, someone else is likely to be around. Most people drop in and out all weekend. All fandoms are welcome, as is original writing.

We already have several members of [community profile] writethisfanfic at fic_rush, and we'd love to have more!. In fact, we'd love to have everyone! Hope to see some of you there!

(For more information, see the fic_rush FAQ. If you want to know what it's like during a round, check out the past posts at [ profile] fic_rush_48. Please also feel free to ask me questions.)
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[community profile] parlour_treats is a new, no commitment, no claiming, no activity checks community for letting your muses have their say. Prompts will be going up bi-monthly, but you can bring your own too! Also, all media types are welcome, for responses. So if your muse keeps bugging you to make a fanmix, this might be the place to share it.
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Lifehacker has an article on a cunning way to stay motivated through long projects that sounds useful for all us crazy longficcers.

Basically: when you start to get bored or demotivated, take a break and do something smaller. It seems ot me that fanfic is pretty much made for this approach, since it comes in 'short' and 'long' forms by default.
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What's helped you writing fic? Is it something that has helped you get past writer's block, made you less afraid to post something, helped you find out useful information? Maybe an application or website that makes actually sitting down and churning out words easier?

It would be great if this could evolve into a comprehensive resource geared towards fic writers, especially new(ish) ones. Please keep letting me know what essential tools you've discovered, and I'll add them to the list. (I'm also happy to further annotate links if there's other information of note.)

General Discussion About Writing

Writing in quantity. Some good information here on tools, motivation, and other ways to just get that word count going.


Fanfic 101. Lots of essays and useful tips.

Technical Resources

How to add a word meter to your DW.

This post offers lots of info on how to format fic, whether on LJ/DW or somewhere else, for maximum readability.

Fanfiction Header Builder. Easy, coherent headers.

Zoho Writer. Online word processor for easy access to your stuff from multiple locations. (There's also Google Docs, natch: does anyone have any thoughts on pros/cons for any online word processor?)

Scrivener. Mac only (EDIT: Now available for Windows!), free trial, $39.95 to buy. Allows you to keep all your research (PDFs, web pages, sound files, etc.) right alongside your writing.

Writer's Cafe. Similar to Scrivener; includes a Windows version. $45.

From [personal profile] kate: A very useful wordcount spreadsheet

Reference Dictionary and thesaurus.

The Emotion Thesaurus.

Reasoning with Vampires. Grammar tips via critique of Twilight.

The Gender Genie. For a quick, cheap check of whether the voice in your fic is male or female. (Note: I tend to take issue with stuff like this, but I know some people find it useful!)

Online Etymology Dictionary. Useful if you're writing historical fic & need to ensure your characters aren't using anachronistic language.

Getting the Words on the Page

Every Word Is More Practice: An Apology For Making (And Keeping) A Daily Word Count Goal. More on how to kickstart your word count.

750 Words. Based on Julia Cameron's idea of "morning pages," where you write without censoring yourself for 3 pages a day--though not necessarily in the morning! You can get e-mailed reminders to write; there are badges and points for motivation. There's also [community profile] 750words.

[community profile] inkingitout, our affiliate comm, is a year-long high word-count challenge.

Write or Die. Set a time limit for writing, and if you're not writing the whole time, the website gives you consequences ranging from a gentle reminder to erasing your text!

Written? Kitten!. The carrot to Write or Die's stick: if you write, you get shown cute pictures of kittens!

Dark Room. Full screen writing program for minimal distractions. Windows only.

FocusWriter is a similar program, but available for Mac, Windows, & Linux.

My Writing Spot is another of these programs, but the pared-down writing app also includes a dictionary/thesaurus. iPad, iPhone, & Android apps available too.

[community profile] dailyprompt, [community profile] daily_prompt, [community profile] fic_promptly and [community profile] 15_minute_ficlets might spark something!


Wordle. Pretty word clouds are a nice way to procrastinate! They're also useful for seeing which words you overuse in a fic...
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