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Just a reminder that signups for the WIP challenge are open through the end of the month. I could use some more volunteers to do daily check-in posts, too, please! If anyone wants to help out with that for a few days, that'd be great -- having that daily nudge does seem to help other people.

The list of fic writing activities for Three Weeks for Dreamwidth continues to grow -- I've got 9 different links in that post so far, & I feel like I surely must've missed some (let me know if so!). Check them out if you haven't already; lots of good stuff to get your creativity going!
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There's a lot of 3W4DW fandom-related activity (& there will no doubt be more), but I thought a post to highlight specifically the fic writing events would be good! Especially since they seem rather low-pressure -- maybe suitable for taking a break from your WIP to recharge your brain, or for breaking writer's block?

Here's what I've seen so far:

Please comment & let me know about other fic-writing activities for the fest -- I'll edit them into the post.

Thank you & happy writing!

(Public posts across Dreamwidth tagged "three weeks for dreamwidth" or "three weeks" will show up in this feed: )
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A few people mentioned that they'd be interested in a friending/subscribing meme in this comm as part of [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw. Since we now have over 150 people subscribed to this comm (holy moly!), that sounds like a good idea.

Some of us have been chatting to each other about writing for a while, but there are always new writing buddies or fandom friends (or non-fandom friends, heh) to be made, & I for one am looking forward to finding out more about the people hanging around here!

Please copy & paste the text below in a comment. Feel free to ignore any of the questions you don't want to answer.

Enjoy, & happy people-meeting to you!
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[community profile] three_weeks_for_dw, the Dreamwidth anniversary fest, is happening this year again, starting on April 25. I know last year I really enjoyed it--lots of interesting posts both in individual journals & comms, & lots of friending memes, etc.

I thought I'd see if anyone had ideas for things we might do here to participate! Last year I remember comms having contests, for one. I know [community profile] fic_promptly has done contests to see who could fill the most prompts. Is there something along those lines we could do? Perhaps the person who gets the most words written on their WIP that week? (I already know I will definitely not win, ahahaha.) Although I don't have any cash to throw out for DW points for prizes, & I can't do graphics, either, heh. (Maybe this isn't the case for some of you?)

Hm, what about a friending meme? We have a lot of people subscribed to this comm (~130, holy moly!). Probably there are new fandom friends/writing buddies to be made!

Any other suggestions or comments on the ones above -- & importantly, also offers of help -- would be fantastic! We definitely don't have to do anything, but I'd feel bad if I didn't at least ask if anyone wanted to. :)
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