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It's December 1st. That means I'm officially waving the starting flag for this month's WIP challenge.

If you need to check who your buddy group members are, it's in this post. Feel free to start a check-in post for your group, look for people to do writing sessions with, etc. I'll post weekly check-ins, same as last month.

Good luck everyone! Let's finish some fanfic! \o/
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I've assigned the buddy groups as below, using an esoteric formula of trying to balance fandoms, time zones, & what folks want out of the challenge. Hopefully what I've come up with will work!

& of course, people are free to set up comm-wide writing times (thanks, [personal profile] ariane, for the ones you've done so far) -- so you wouldn't have to be a member of that person's buddy group, or even signed up to the challenge, to participate.

(Edit: Another possibility: when we weren't able to match schedules at one point for buddy writing time, [personal profile] dbskyler suggested I commit to a time to write & then send PMs at the start, middle, & end to hold myself accountable. The thought of having to blatantly lie in those PMs if I hadn't been writing was, apparently, enough to get some words out!)

Anyway! Here we go:

Group A

[personal profile] dbskyler
[personal profile] charamei
[personal profile] mystiri_1
[personal profile] anehan

Group B

[personal profile] delwyn_cole
[personal profile] ariane
[personal profile] snowynight
[personal profile] eggcrack

Group C

[personal profile] littlebutfierce
[personal profile] hl
[personal profile] yaysunshine
[personal profile] curuchamion

If you're no longer able to participate in the challenge for any reason, just let me know. Things happen and sometimes life, sadly, gets in the way of fanfic.

Thanks all. I'm excited; hope you are too!
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A space for the three of us to cheer each other on! Go Group C!
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Just making a space for the three of us to cheer each other on! Go Group B!
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OK! It's November 1st! That means WIP CHALLENGE GO!

Buddy groups are listed here -- you might want to start getting in contact, via DW message or whatever, and figuring out if you want to do timed writing sessions together, or word races, or daily check-ins, or insert awesome tactic here. You might want to post one post where you & your buddy groups can check in. You might want to post when you've passed an amazing milestone, or to ask if anyone else needs help working through a block, or... ?

I'll do a weekly check-in post near the end of each week.

For now, good luck! And go go go! (Eeek, that means me too!)
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