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The dorks people have spoken--there seem to be enough WIP challenge participants who would use an AO3 collection to showcase their finished works that I created one. It's here--so start adding in those fics! (I had to think hard & go back to my old signups for each month to remember which ones I'd done for the challenge... ^^;; )

Are there any WIP challengers who want an AO3 invite? I don't have any myself, but others might, so might be worth leaving a comment just in case.
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This week [community profile] fic_promptly is having a contest. You can win DW points for filling lots of prompts! If you're in the mood for comment fic, do check it out.

(I've received 3 fills, which has made me v. happy. Two are by comm members doing the WIP challenge [[personal profile] snowynight & [personal profile] mystiri_1]: COINCIDENCE? You decide!)

& on a possibly silly note: do past/present WIP challenge participants use the AO3? Would anyone be interested in a WIP challenge collection, where we'd post (obviously, ha) the fics we've completed using the challenge? I fully admit I'm a dork & just like having a collection to stick a fic into, but it might be kind of nice anyway, like a communal trophy or something. Anyone interested? Or is it a ridiculous idea?
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This is me hanging my head for doing such a crap job modding the challenge in December. I'm really sorry, folks! Should there be a challenge next December I will remember that I have to have at least one co-mod, otherwise I'm likely to fail again. >_<

How did the challenge go for participants, anyway?

I also thought this would be a good time to ask for feedback in general on the challenge. Has it helped? Not done much? Any suggestions on how to improve it?

(As for me, I completed my goals for the month, & then some -- 1 [community profile] yuletide fic, as well as two Treats, & my [ profile] windupandpitch one. Though it was with much less communal interaction w/my buddy group -- I know we were all busy but of course I blame myself the most for failing to check in w/them. ;_; )
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Apologies for taking some time to follow up on my last post -- I've been in holiday stress survival mode.

Anyway, there were a few people possibly interested in running the WIP challenge for January, & some folks who wanted to know more about what it entails in general -- thanks to all of you for your interest.

What I've done so far )

If anyone would indeed like to go ahead & run the challenge in January, go for it! Let me know if you have any questions or if you come up with a better way to run things! Otherwise I should hopefully be back in February to help run the challenge then. Thanks!
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How's the writing been going this week? Mine hasn't been going at all!

I wanted to get some opinions on the WIP challenge in January & onwards. I don't really feel like I have the time or energy to run it in January, & I wonder if people might need a break from the end-of-year franticness (both in terms of fic challenges & life in general) anyway.

I'd be happy to run it in February if there is interest, or if someone else wants to run it in January, that would be fantastic. It's not a huge amount of work; I just don't feel like I have it in me to do it for January.

So, a poll!

Poll #5437 WIP challenge in January & onwards
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 7

Do you want to do the WIP challenge in January?

View Answers

2 (28.6%)

5 (71.4%)

Are you interested in doing the WIP challenge in February or onwards?

View Answers

7 (100.0%)

0 (0.0%)

Are you interested in running or helping run the WIP challenge?

View Answers

Yes, in January
2 (28.6%)

Yes, in another month
1 (14.3%)

1 (14.3%)

Depends on what's involved
5 (71.4%)

Something else I will describe in comments
0 (0.0%)

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OK! We've now confirmed the participants (thanks all!) & sorted out the buddy groups.

I've changed the comm layout to include the track option on individual posts, in case people do want to have a post for their buddy group to comment w/daily progress reports. I'm thinking maybe like the weekend to-do list posts in [community profile] do_it -- here's an example -- where people post as a method of accountability, & to get commiseration & encouragement from other people.

Anyone want to talk about goals? I know we all said what our goals were in our sign-ups, but maybe your goal has changed? Or maybe you want to talk about it a bit more in depth. I'll put mine in a comment.

I'll try to find time before work Monday morning to put up an official "yay, let's go!" starting post. :)
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There was definite interest in having a WIP challenge in the comm, so hooray!

Let's talk about how to run this thing. I will freely admit that I've never done anything like this before, so any suggestions would be fantastic. Also, any offers to run it with me would be super extra fantastic!

Read more... )

I just want to reiterate that I've never run (or participated) in anything like this before, so please, all suggestions welcome, so we can try to make this useful for as many people as possible. Thanks!
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Hi all--there's been some discussion about ways this community could help folks finish up some of those WIPs many of us have languishing around.

One suggestion was to do some kind of WIP-finishing challenge, where people sign up & commit to finishing one or more of their works by a certain date. Maybe there could be a buddy system/cheerleaders? Check-in posts, etc.?

Would there be interest for such a thing? If so, what kind of format would be useful? Under the cut is a poll, but please feel free to spill your thoughts in comments too!
Read more... )

I suspect some of you might've done this sort of thing informally with your friends, so any thoughts on that experience, & anything that might need tweaking before doing it on a larger scale, would be fantastic.

Thanks all!


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