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I don't know if any of you may have seen this today on Tumblr, but author Diane Duane is a Sherlock fan and apparently a pretty avid reader of fanfic. She made a post called Johnlock fanfic: On Balloon Words, Idiom!cest, and the Building of Better Smut. Although she's writing specifically about Sherlock fic, I think a lot of what she has to say could apply to any fanfic, or really, any writing.

Heh, here she tackles one of my fanfic pet peeves:
When you’re in one character’s point of view in the middle of a descriptive scene, you can make a pretty strong case that the descriptors used for other characters the POV character is interacting with should be the POV character’s descriptors, not those you might associate with omniscient-narrator mode or some similar “uninflected” third-person writing voice.

This being the case: it would make me intensely happy (should anyone be interested in doing that) if people would please lose the continual use of epithets when writing from one primary character’s POV, especially in intimate circumstances. “The doctor.” “The Army doctor.” “The consulting detective.” And the ones that particularly get up my nose: “The taller man” / “the shorter man” / “the older man” / “the younger man” / etc. etc. ad nauseam.
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Another day has come and gone, so now it's time to check in. \o/


How many new words did you write today? Did you reach your goal? Were you editing instead? Researching? Or was today a day of rest?

...and today's discussion topic:

Purple prose: many fandom writers have gone there before, either by rookie mistake or by simply not knowing better. Have you ever written anything purple? Please feel free to share any advice you might have on avoiding this for any newbies out there (and feel free to share your own purple prose too, if you want!).
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Another day has come and gone, so now it's time to check in. \o/


How many new words did you write today? Did you reach your goal? Were you editing instead? Researching? Or was today a day of rest?

...and today's discussion topic:

Now for some exposition! Giving a story depth and coherence is important, but when does exposition become too much (info dump)? Or conversely, when is it not enough to give the reader a clear view of your story? Please share any tips or tricks you have for finding the right balance, or ask questions if you have them. I can't help you with this, Enemy needs All The Help with expo. T_T
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Hiya everyone! I'm still fairly new to this community, but I've really been enjoying how helpful and encouraging everyone is here. I thought I should come out of lurkdom a bit and say hello. :)

I'd also like to bring up a topic that I hope could get some kind of discussion going, because I've been batting this stuff in my brain for months and I keep going back and forth on the best way to approach this. So... without further rambling, how do you guys deal with writing large casts - especially ones where there are quite a few key characters that would be important enough to warrant their point of views too?

Do you tend to prefer switching between POVs by a break of some sort, or do you brave the omniscient POV and hope it doesn't turn into a mess of head-hopping? And if you do dedicated switches between POVs, when do you make your switches? Within the same scene or do you make it a point to only do it when it's a new scene? Or something else entirely?

I would really love any input on this - it's driving me a bit nuts because I can't seem to find an approach that fits for my fic. :(

Thanks all!
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Leo Babauta of Zen Habits has a post on how to start something new, as well as one on how to finish. Zen Habits is a sort of minimalist productivity blog, so it's no surprise that his posts (brief ones, both of them) focus on making things simple.

I thought of fic, naturally: Write one sentence. Or one paragraph. That's how, maybe, you could start something.

On a related note, are there any creativity or inspiration blogs people find useful? I am so torn on them (& books on similar topics)--a lot of the time I read them & cringe, either because they seem rather out of touch w/how a lot of people live, or because they just seem... embarrassingly hippy-dippy (though I appreciate that this reaction could mean that this is just what I need!).

Then again, I have the same reaction to Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way--& I've abandoned lots of things she suggests, because they just don't feel right to me. But 750 Words is based on one of her ideas, & I absolutely would not be here writing fic w/o that site & doing that practice.

Like most other things, I guess it's just about finding the gold among the dross. So! Anyone have any relevant sites they like?
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The writing session is still going on if anyone wants to join -- though obviously I am, er, taking a break right now...

I want to talk a little about writing & music! Does music help you concentrate when you write? Or does it distract you? Are there certain types of music, or maybe even certain bands, you put on when you're working on different types of scenes?

Because I write tons of schmaltzy emo stuff (I say that w/love, I think...), bands like Stars are total writing mood music for me. Also Joy Ike seems to put me in that headspace lately. If I am writing sexytiems, sometimes I listen to Alice in Videoland.

Lyrics don't seem to distract me too much, or if they start to, I can usually turn the music down slightly & it's fine.

There's a fine line between being able to take in the music to the point it relaxes me or gets me in the zone & not being able to shut it out enough to concentrate. I know some folks make writing mixes -- & if you are one of these energetic sorts, please feel free to post one! -- but if I don't have an itch for a specific band, most of the time shuffling randomly through iTunes seems to work. If I start skipping every other song, it's usually a sign that I need to take a break to get my concentration back.

What about you? (Any recommendations... ?)

And now back to the writing session! No, really... I'll leave you w/Fuck Yeah Fanfic Flamingo, which makes me laugh inordinately hard.
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I pretty much always write fic using standard third-person limited POV. The fic I'm working on now seems to want to be third-person limited but w/multiple narrators. I feel very nervous about doing this for some reason!

Does anyone have any recs for fics that do this well? Bonus if they aren't super longfic--mine almost certainly won't be & for some reason switching between narrators in a shorter fic feels like it might be easier to do badly than if you've got actual chapters & such. Thanks to anyone who's able to indulge my worries w/some suggestions.

A couple of general articles on POV in case anyone is interested:

  • Point Of View (Fanfic 101)
  • Point Of View (TV Tropes, 'ware...)
  • Switching POV (also TV Tropes) has some fic examples listed but they all seem to be either bad (according to the person who wrote the page) or long, so not necessarily useful for reassuring me!

And just a reminder that there are some writing sessions planned for this weekend. So far we've got:

If you'd like to commit to writing for a couple of hours this weekend, please consider coming along if you can! There's more info on how sessions work & technical details here.

Anyone is welcome to start a session whenever, of course! If you do commit to running a session please do post a reminder shortly beforehand too.
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OK, folks, help me (& your other comm members!) out here. I'm sure many of us are masters of the art of procrastination.

How do you get yourself to actually sit down & write? Internet blockers (or maybe even -- shudder -- going offline entirely)? Bribing yourself? Getting other people to nag/threaten you? Signing up for challenges?

I write something every day using 750 Words; I've posted before about what a good tool this is for me. Sometimes it works brilliantly, as both a way to get words down on the page & sneak past my internal censor. But often I don't write fic there; I'll just brain-dump. Which is good -- it's still writing -- but I feel like I need to kickstart my word count for fic.

Things I have done today instead of opening up a file to work on fic: updated my reading journal w/what I've read lately; updated another comm; answered DW comments; signed up for Diaspora; took down last year's calendars & put up this year's; put up random things I've had around the house to put on the walls but have been lying around for ages; made tea.

And now, my latest avoidance technique: posting here!

My word count is begging you for help. What are your tips? What have you tried that didn't work for you? (It might work for someone else!)

& just for LOLs, what are your favorite things to do when you're resisting sitting down & actually writing?


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