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I haven't been around this comm for a while, but I remember getting a lot of writing done with some of you in several writing sessions on IRC, as well as having a lot of fun joking around talking about fanfic and fandom. :)

Since I've signed up for NaNoWriMo again this year, I was wondering if anyone else would be interested in starting up some writing sessions again? (Probably on IRC at irc.slashnet.org, #writethisfanfic)

I'm a Brit on UTC/GMT0, but I also keep strange hours, so I'm open to all kinds of time-slots. I'm sure we can make something work. Interested?
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Reminder: I'm hosting a writing session on IRC, at irc.slashnet.org, room #writethisfanfic. This will start in about four hours, namely 21PM GMT (time zone converter). Check in if you want to chat about your current WIP or do some writing sprints. I expect to be in for 2-3 hours at least. ETA: Writing session is now on.
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A slightly later than usual post tonight. I'll try to post earlier tomorrow.

How did your writing go today? Did you...

  • ...write?

  • ...edit/proofread?

  • ...send to beta?

  • ...post/cross-post?

  • ...research/refresh canon?

  • ...plan/outline?

  • ...take a well-deserved rest?

  • ...do life things?

Daily discussion question: Brainstorming. Do you find yourself spending a lot of your writing time mulling over future scenes, the long-term plot, little details in characterization or setting? In short, how much of your writing time is spent putting words on paper, versus the harder to quantify mind work?

Announcement: I'm planning a writing session for tomorrow, starting from 12PM GMT (2PM my local time. Check out this time zone converter to figure out when that is for you. I'll be in the #writethisfanfic IRC channel for a good two hours, so drop in even if you can't make the whole session.
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Would anyone be interested in joining me for a writing session tomorrow? I was thinking UTC 3 PM which translates to early evening in my timezone, but if it's more convenient for others it can be moved forward to 5 or 6 PM.
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Hello everyone!

In lack of writing sessions, I hope you won't mind if I announce a spontaneous one.

I'll be in our IRC room at irc.sff.net from now till later ...

I'll also be in this webchat which is currently also empty :(

So if you want to get down to some serious writing and/or maybe need some inspiration or a kick to get going, join me!

edit: got something done yesterday and today I am hanging out again :D
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Lately we did not had that many writing sessions. I guess it is the season or something - but if anyone here also wishes to do more writing sessions, maybe we can find an evening or two this week?

Just let me know, except for tomorrow when I am going to rewatch Star Trek into Darkness, I should be available every evening (GMT)

So any takers?

(Bah I posted this to my journal and was like: really nobody is interested anymore? *lol* please prove me wrong)
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Well, after I did manage to write something yesterday, I feel even more encouraged to try and write something today, so I thought maybe if I announce it earlier some of you have time to stop by for a writing session.

Here is the post on how to reach our chatroom in IRC.

And yes, since nobody replied I just edited yesterdays post ;) No need to spam the page.

Also anyone up for a session on Friday evening?
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I've had a very busy week and completely slacked off on writing. I haven't written anything for days. So, I could really use a writing session today or tomorrow, and maybe during the week as well.

I'm on IRC in the #writethisfanfic chatroom right now (about 3pm GMT/UTC), if anyone else is interested in joining me for a writing session today. I could go on until midnight or so, with short breaks, if anyone can't join me now, but wants to join me later.

Here's a link to a time-zone converter, and here's a link to posts with instructions on how to use IRC.
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I am slacking and I could really use a writing session today or anytime during the week.

Anyone up for it?

Today I was thinking about maybe 7pm or 8pm GMT +1 ?

I probably could manage earlier or later.

Please let me know if anyone is interested today or later this week.
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I'm considering a word writing session in IRC tonight, from about 5pm my time (GMT/UTC). Anyone else interested?

Here's a link to a time-zone converter, and here's a link to posts with instructions on how to use IRC.

ETA: Changed the link to the time zone converter for a different one that works better.
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It's the last day of the month, and I want to get some more writing done! Yesterday's writing session was great fun and very helpful -- thank you, everyone! I'm hoping we can repeat that success today.

I'm starting another writing session now, if anyone wants to join me. I'll be on IRC, in the #writethisfanfic room, for about the next 4 hours, 2pm to 6pm GMT/UTC, and then probably again from about 9pm to midnight GMT/UTC.

If you haven't used IRC before, it's a good little chatroom that allows us to all chat in groups, and it's fairly simple to use. Here's a link to a post with all the instructions for how to use IRC.
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Anyone interested in joining me for some writing sessions this week?

I'd really like to hit my monthly target by getting some more writing done, and I find that writing sessions help me keep on track and stop me from procrastinating. I'm in the GMT/UTC timezone, but I'm pretty flexible about writing times.
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Just a quick update - there'll be a writing session starting Saturday, 5 pm UTC (click here for your time zone), in the usual IRC channel #writethisfanfic.

We're usually doing 20-30 min sprints with shorter chatting breaks in-between. Feel free to drop in any time!
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Later today, 8pm GMT+1 [personal profile] lacerta and I want to do a writing session and we hope more people might show up ;)

It would also be awesome to do one or two sessions on the weekend, so please if you are interested, tell us about which time you prefer.

See this post for instructions on how to get to the IRC chatroom.

edit: seems for Saturday 5-6 pm GMT is on
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[personal profile] lacerta and I, decided to do a spontaneous writing session in one hour.

If you are interested please feel to join us in our comm chat room.

edit: Currently it seems that IRC is down :(

Anyone wants to reach me, I am on via aim and google talk, using my journal name.
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Sprints are still going, so if you're around and want to make some words (or know the answer to all kinds of tricky MCU questions), join us!

Tomorrow, there'll be another writing session, starting at 4 pm UTC, (click here for your time zone) probably spanning a couple of hours again as well.

If you have any questions or need help accessing the IRC channel, let me know!

Sorry about the wrong link!
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We're having another impromptu writing session at 5pm UTC, IRC channel.
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Feeling a bit better today - so I thought about doing another writing session with hopefully a few sprints.

Anyone have time today in a few hours? Like 6 or 7 pm GMT?

Or tomorrow around that time?

Later might also work ... just let me know if there is any interest at all.
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As these writing sessions seem to work for everyone, I wonder if we can do at least one over the weekend?

Starting time 7pm GMT - - - - End time ???

19:00:00 GMT converts to 13:00:00 US/Central (for example)

I will be in the room today and Sunday - maybe Saturday, too.

The chatroom runs over IRC. The network is irc.sff.net and the channel #writethisfanfic.

You can access it over the web or via a client. If you go over the web go to http://irc.sff.net/, load the web chat client and then type /join #writethisfanfic

I hope I am not annoying anyone with my frequent calls to write.
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EDIT: 8th Nov Session over - so far no takers for Friday, but Saturday is on!

I am wondering if anyone has time for writing sessions (a bit chat and encouragement followed by sprints) this week? Information on how to get there you find here.

My personal ambition is to get at least two hours of writing done each evening to make up for lost time.

I would suggest 7pm GMT (but I am also open for earlier times, especially weekends)

19:00:00 Thursday November 8, 2012 in GMT converts to
13:00:00 Thursday November 8, 2012 in US/Central (for example)

You can find out your time with the http://www.timezoneconverter.com

Please let me know if you are interested today, Friday, Saturday or Sunday :D I guess since some of you are doing this NaNothingy it might be useful to have a few ...


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