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I double-checked and it appears sff.net have discontinued their IRC services. If we want to keep using IRC for writing sessions, there must be another server we can use.
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I decided to try out the new chatroom at -- www.slashnet.org/webclient/writethisfanfic -- and I'm lurking in there at the moment.

Does anybody want to join me for a chat about writing, brainstorming, or wordsprints?

I've decided to leave the tab open while I'm noodling about doing other things, so I'll be around for some time, if you want to pop in now or later and get a bit of writing done. ::g::

Just open a new tab with " www.slashnet.org/webclient/writethisfanfic " in the address bar, pick a screen-name, and join me anytime; I'll probably be around from now until midnight BST/GMT+1
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Is anyone in the mood for sprints tonight? I'll be on IRC and would love some company.
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Yesterday's writing sprints were so successful in getting me to write that I'd like to do it again. So, I'll be in AIM chatroom writethisfanficsessions from 7pm UTC onwards, probably for several hours. Join me!
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I'll be starting a writing session shortly; if you're planning to attend, let's work on organizing here! I am still trying to get AIM (while cooking dinner and having a houseguest, ack) - if that's the direction we end up going, if someone could help me co-helm this gathering that'd be great.

Anyone got a preference for how long on the sprints and how long in between? Any other questions/concerns/things?


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