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It's been mentioned that it might be useful to have the info about sprints & sessions consolidated into one post. Good idea! Here's some quick & dirty info:

Both writing sprints & sessions are conducted via group chat. Anyone can run a sprint or a session (especially welcome because we have members in a wide variety of timezones), & we welcome people announcing them to the comm.

A sprint is where several people meet in a chatroom & then write for a short specified period of time--say, 20 minutes. There's a quick break, & people then might go on to do more sprints as well. Some people compete to see who can write the most words in a sprint; some people then share what they've written with other people in the chat. (Some people, like me, find that too scary. ;)

A session is longer--ideally 2 hours or more. People come into the chatroom, say hi & maybe talk about what they're going to work on. Then people stop chatting & start writing, with short breaks, if they want, every half-hour or hour, to commiserate or cheer or whatever.

Edit: Writing sessions are now run on IRC, where there is a semi-permanent chat room; see this post for details.

The person who volunteers to run the sprint or session will post beforehand confirming the time & the name of the chatroom--for example, WriteThisFanficSessions is the room name I use.

You need AIM to get into the chats (unless, as above, people agree to use Gmail chat or another method beforehand). You can use a web client like Meebo to join the chat in your browser, or another client like Adium. This comment below gives details on how to join a session using AIM alone.

There are step-by-step tutorials (w/screenshots!) for several different chat clients here that may be useful!

Please let me know if there's other information that should be included in this post & I'll edit it. I'll also add a link to this entry to the comm's sticky post.
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I'll be starting a writing session in about an hour, in the room WriteThisFanficSessions.

More background info on how sessions work & how to get into them is here. Feel free to comment if you are having technical difficulties, or contact me via IM (my username is paperwarfic).

Hope to see some of you there! \o/
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There's enough interest in trying this out (thank you all who replied to my post! I didn't leave you replies because I'd had to have copy/pasted this whole post to everyone and it's more appropriate for a top level post anyway) :D so I thought we'd try out our first Sprint tomorrow at 6 o'clock in the evening. How does that sound? I think I can do Friday as well if that would work better. I'll be home most of the day both days and can be online a lot, so it can be moved either way some hours on both days :)

AIM looks to be the IM that most of us who replied have, so let's use that. I checked and Yahoo! really doesn't seem to offer chat room creation anymore, so that's out of the picture.

[ profile] allyear_sprints/[ profile] nanowrimo has a really nice tutorial page on several programs on how to access their chats (also held on AIM), so instead of writing instructions myself, here's a link to their tutorial: I now use Pidgin myself because I can combine all my IM accounts to one program instead of having them all individually installed. And I really love Pidgin because I can save the chat rooms I use and just double-click on one when I want to join it (instead of AIM's own program in which I had to type in not only the chatroom's name but also my AIM name).

The Sprint chatroom's name is WriteThisFanficSprints and I'll post a reminder here shortly before the beginning of the sprint tomorrow.

Here's a link to countdown to 6PM GMT+2 tomorrow evening:


We could do a Session on Saturday and/or Sunday? Or are you going to try [ profile] fic_rush? I'm still thinking about that myself, haven't decided...

Also Mod, could we tag this and somehow so we can find the info later on?
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(Mods, I hope this is okay to post)

Is anyone interested in writing sprints or timed writing sessions conducted via chatroom? I've found these so helpful myself, that I'm willing to host sprints/sessions if there are others who are interested. But, because I live in Finland, any sessions I host will happen in afternoons and evenings GMT+2 timezone. Everyone is of course welcome to participate if they can, but my aim here is to serve those of us in the European timezones and close-to-European -timezones :)

A general overview of springs and group writing sessions:

Sprints: writing sessions last usually from 10 minutes to 20 minutes and then there's a break for chatting, drinking etc. for about 10-15 minutes, and then there's another 10-20 minute writing sprint. This can go an as long as there's people participating, I've been involved in ones that lasted two hours and in ones that were still ongoing when I got back online the next day. Pretty informal, usually one mod who announces and ends the sprints and the mod hat can go to another person at any time when needed and anyone can come and leave at anytime. When you first join the room, you're aren't allowed to say anything until someone else does because there could be a sprint going on right at the time.

Group writing sessions: writing sessions last from 30 minutes to 1,5 hours, after each sessions there's a break of about 15 minutes and then another sessions starts. The one's I've participated in have usually lasted for 2-4 hours. These often take place during weekends when people have bigger blocks of free time available and sometimes in the evenings on weekdays. Pretty informal, usually one mod who announces and ends the sessions and the mod hat can go to another person at any time when needed and anyone can come and leave at anytime.

I'm thinking using either an AIM or Yahoo! chatroom but I'm open to suggestions :)

If you are interested, please fill out the following form:


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