Feb. 3rd, 2017

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Greetings!  Sorry about not posting yesterday, it was One of Those Days.  Today is a new day, however, and since it's Friday, it's an especially good day for a wee check in to see how everyone is doing with their writing.

Looking back at the day today (or yesterday, if you haven't gotten going yet), how did it go?
  •     I thought about my fic once or twice
  •     I wrote
  •     I did some planning and/or research
  •     I edited
  •     I've sent my fic off to my beta
  •     I posted today!
  •     I'm taking a break
  •     I did something else that I'll talk about in a comment
Looking forward, how are you planning to spend your weekend?
  •     I'm going to make up for not writing all week by having a writing marathon
  •     I'm going to keep writing at my current rate and see how it goes
  •     I have other plans, but I might have time to get some writing in
  •     I'm going to take a break from writing


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