Feb. 22nd, 2012 09:06 pm
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I just sent off my completed Yuujinchou Exchange fic (8,700+ words) to my betas for a look over. \o/

I'm probably not going to do check ins the rest of this week so I can catch up on RL projects and end-of-month work stuff, so I figured I'd do my monthly wrap up like this.

My February goals were to write "a good chunk" of my Yuujinchou Exchange fic (I completed the entire thing at nearly 9,000 words) and to work on my Help_Japan fic (I wrote 1,500 more words and worked on the outline), so I definitely met them. My March goals have been posted in the sign up, and I hope I can do as well in March as I just did in February. ^^;

Thank you everyone for your encouragement this month. I would not have gotten so much accomplished without the check in posts and the pats on the back. :3 See you on the flip-side, and good luck on your WIPs!
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Hi folks -- I'm going to put up the first check-in post for July's WIP challenge later (after I have a chance to write something myself, heh).

But I thought it'd be good to put up a post to see how the June challenge ended for people! Did you meet your goals? If not, were you satisfied anyway? Are there things you learned about how to kick your butt into gear? Are there things we could be doing more of in this comm (&, crucially, are there people interested in getting more involved in the running of the challenge if so)?

& just a reminder that we have a WIP Challenge collection on AO3; if you've finished fics through the challenge, please do feel free to add them there! If you need an invite let me know.


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