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Hello on Thursday!  I'm out for the rest of the week after today, so I am declaring the weekend early.  Looking back at the day today -- or yesterday, if today hasn't gotten going yet -- how did it go?
  •     I thought about my fic once or twice
  •     I wrote
  •     I did some planning and/or research
  •     I edited
  •     I've sent my fic off to my beta
  •     I posted today!
  •     I'm taking a break
  •     I did something else that I'll talk about in a comment
Looking forward, how are you planning to spend your weekend?
  •     I'm going to make up for not writing all week by having a writing marathon
  •     I'm going to keep writing at my current rate and see how it goes
  •     I have other plans, but I might have time to get some writing in
  •     I'm going to take a break from writing

Date: 2017-07-13 04:24 pm (UTC)
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I wrote, did some research and after that was done I also edited a few parts because I had used some false informations.
I am planning on writing a lot more today until I have to go to work. I hit the 4K milestone and it looks as if it will be easy to write 6K more words for this story. By the way this is my Camp NaNoWriMo story.

And last but not least I am always planning what to write next and I have wonderful conversations with an online friend who gives me so many ideas.


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